How I met my boo

I worked at a boarding school after high school, in the cafe. Kind of by accident, I got the job, but that is another story. I guess I am what you would have called a townie, but I didn’t think so because I was from another town. Anyhoo, I had seen this kid skulk by a few times, wearing horrible tee shirts and carrying a backpack. He kind of looked strange and wasn’t cool, like most of the people I was used to talking to and hanging out with. I probably hung out with the boys at the school (oh yeah it was an all boys school), more than I should have, but some became good friends and I was the same age as some of the seniors and I was always with my friends sister, making sure she stayed out of trouble, she was a bit wild. All my friends were in college and I had quit my first college and came home and none of my friends were around, so it was nice to have people to hang out with and talk too.

I kind of way seeing this one guy for over a year, and it tapered off. But he was always around, one day I was hanging out at this little mom and pop shop that had snacks and sodas and this particular Sunday this shy dorky guy I had seen around was lying on the picnic table bench. He had his backpack and had on sperry topsiders and dark jeans. My on/off friend was being annoying and mystery boy sits up, looks at me and says take me somewhere.  Now this was back a bit and while I would not encourage my daughter to drive off with someone she doesn’t know. It felt right, plus my friends sister was with me. So we all drove off to a dinner. We talked for hours, we laughed, we ate ceasar salad and smoked cigs. Then I took him back to school. I figured well it’s nice to have a new friend. Later that week, he called my friends sister, whose # he got from someone who then gave him my #. I was shocked when he called me and we would talk for hours and hours. It was so cool. We saw each other whenever we could, he was very polite and not like most boys I knew. He told me  he was from New Jersey, he had an accent. One day a few weeks later he wrote me a note, before I even read the night I was driving home by a grocery store and while I was waiting at the stoplight, I knew this was it, this was the boy I was going to marry. He felt the same way and a few months later proposed to me while still a senior, without a ring, sitting in my car outside of his dorm. We spent the rest of the year together on the phone each night (this was before email and cell phones), we wrote letters and when he went home for Christmas I missed him so much. I later found out he was from bermuda and not New Jersey which explained the accent, but didn’t like to tell people because they would bug him and ask him stupid questions (which I later learned when we lived there together). He graduated, his parents came up and basically left him here and we went to college together. We went to his home for Christmas, married a few years later and the rest they say is history. We were both young, and I’m not sure how we’ve made it this far, other than we are best friends and we respect each other and we make each other laugh.


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