Top 10 US of A

Ten awesome things about being an American and the 4th of July:

1. Freedom- of speech, or religion, of arms, of anything- freedom is awesome

2. Fireworks

3.Picnics with friends

4. Red, White and Blue everywhere

5.Patriotic songs, old and new- Who doesn’t tear up when you hear that song I’m Proud to be an American

6. Flags, our flag is so pretty and it’s so cool to see them all flappin’ in the breeze this time of year

7.History, we may not have the oldest history, but our history is interesting

8. People from all over, that’s what makes us cool, we are such a mix of races, places, and faces

9. Our holiday is smack dab in the summer. The founding fathers could have decided to declare independence in say October, April or January, but no they picked an awesome time of year, having no idea 200 some years later, we’d be celebrating with picnics, and swimming, eating outside, going to the beach, the mountains- all sorts of places, but it’s nice everywhere in July

10. Coming home, there is nothing like being abroad and crossing into US Customs and then landing back in the good ole US of A. The flags, the people hurrying, the overabundance of cars in a busy airport, the food, the awesome selection of magazines at the airport newstand- all amazing things to see when you come home


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