What I know- clutter

I have been on  a cleaning mission these past two weeks. My kids have so much stuff. I was always a semi-minimalist, nothing extreme, but when I moved overseas I had 2 suitcases and a giant box and one giant bag and nothing in storage. When I came home basically the same,but with 2 cats.

But a few years ago we started a family, bought a house and the rest is history. My grandparents both passed away last year and I also have taken lots of their stuff, sentimental items. We also did some hardcore yard-saling this summer. I can’t resist cheap like new toys and my husband can’t resist free, so our stuff is growing again. But last week I was tired of it. A few months ago I cleaned toys and gave something like 6 small bags to my nephew and 5 to the Salvation Army. Then I cleaned again the other day and it was 3 for my nephew of toys and books and clothes and 3 of the same for the salvation army.

I feel trapped. I was holding onto to things from my grandmothers house that did not bring a connection to me- cheese graters, books, trinket holders. I was being swamped with kitchen stuff and picture frames. And like my grandmother would tell me as she was getting up in years. It’s too much to clean. It’s all too much. And it is, so today I started small. Some yard toys, some picture frames, bath toys and some kitchen gadgets. Not world stopping but each little bit feels like a lift from your shoulders.

I am tired of our house looking like a carnival of monkeys just tore through. The kids have rooms and a playroom, the do not need toys spilling into the living room.

We live in a normal size home. Maybe 1600 sq feet. I recently was at a church program held in someones home in a development with mega- homes, like 3000 or more square feet and 3 car garages. And as we drove through you would notice so many people parked in their driveways and not garages, then I noticed most of the garages were full of stuff. Packed full, 3 car garages, in a home that must have almost as much storage space as the size of my whole house.  How did we get like this as a nation? It’s crazy. How can we all have this much stuff? How can people live with packed garages, it was truly like something on hoarders or an Oprah show about debt and clutter. I’m not even talking about the money angle of having so much, I am talking about how overwhelming that must feel.

I know that the less stuff we have lying around and the more organized I can make things, the better I feel.


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