snap snap

Green beans from the garden, remind me of summer. My grandmother used to buy them from a farmer and would sit on the porch steps and snap the ends of the waxy green and yellow beans and then snap them in half. I used to watch her and it was a great day because I knew we’d be having ham and string beans for dinner. Later as I got older, I would be snapping the beans for her. I would take the beans and snap the ends and then snap the middle. It was summer, it was simple. I wish I could do that with my own kids, but no one else in the family likes ham and string beans. My grandfather used to go and buy my grandmother and I ham and string beans from a restaurant on a Monday night and drop them to my house and hang out with my kids, when my grandmother no longer cooked. I miss that a lot. I think about my grandparents once a year when I go to a Penn Dutch festival and enjoy a nice bowl of ham and string beans with some apple cider vinegar.


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