state of here

I am becoming completely annoyed with facebook, ok not with facebook and the things I like or follow or the news, just with the constant posts by people I am friends with declaring how amazing and awesome their lives are. I really can’t stand it. I see friends hanging out, I see people bragging about their homes and their vacation, their children and their spouses. I know for sure no one has as awesome of a life as they appear to have on Facebook. It makes me sad.

I am tired of excess and beautiful homes,with amazing decorating. My daughter wanted a princess bed. In reality we had the crib which turned into a bed and it was just a plain old flat crib, not a sleigh crib nothing excellent. So my husband turned it into a bed, we bought an affordable mattress on, I ordered a canopy in the princess style on etsy and we went to a discount store and got her a comforter with a princess. The whole thing was really cheap. Last night she went to bed, in her princess pjs and woke up and said the blanket was so cozy and comfy. I loved it, she doesn’t care if things don’t cost full price, she doesn’t care that we try to do thing within reason, she doesn’t care that her fisher price dollhouse with furniture was $5 at a yard sale or that her barbies came from a church flea market. She’s just happy. Why can’t we all stay like that? I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge, clothes, heat, air, a car, warm showers, but yet I sometimes think wow, should I have more? Why isn’t our house bigger? Why are we so unsatisfied as a society? Why am I so unsatisfied as a person? Why do I feel like I have to keep up with everyone? So so frustrating.


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