truth to it

So I’ve been on Wellbutrin now for about 2 months or could be longer, and totally off Zoloft for about a month.  There are some good differences- I have boundless energy and do not get tired, just waking up after a good nights sleep. I am not as crazy hungry all the time. Then there are the things I don’t really remember. I am usually super apologetic, even for things I didn’t do, I just want everyone to be happy. People who did irritate me, well I guess I didn’t say a thing to them. But now, well let me just say watch out. I can’t stand how some people are, people who do things to have the attention drawn to them, people who can never bend, I just feel like I have no tolerance for stuff.  I feel snappy. Now don’t get me wrong, I am happy, I am clearheaded, I feel good, but before I was kind of numb or didn’t care, but now I just can’t handle the actions of some people who are close to me. I feel like people have been taking advantage of my go with the flow, make everyone happy attitude and now well I’m not feeling that anymore. I hate to sound like a real, well you know, but really. Why can’t some people ever not think of themselves first. How annoying is that?



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