When I was growing up my palette consisted of PA Dutch foods- potatoes, gravy, dough, meat. I would eat liver, I would eat tongue and I wouldn’t think of eating anything else. I think I was maybe 10 when I first had Chinese (loved the place, little tea cups, table cloths- very cool, I felt so fancy), and probably 10 or 11 when I had pizza, which I was not too fond of and still if given the choice is never among my first choices.

As I got older, I would try anything once- sushi (which I love), Indian- also a staple in our home now, frogs legs, escargo, caviar, French food, Cuban food, Mexican, Korean (love me some kimchee), shark, Jamaican food, basically anything.

My kids on the other hand can’t be convinced to eat a grilled cheese or a carrot stick, completely picky and not for me and my husband not offering them everything we eat.

My grandparents were always shocked and had so much to say when I would have sushi, to them that was so strange. Imagine life when they were growing up, in our area there were diners and that’s it. There was a seafood shanty and a red lobster later and they loved red lobster. My grandmother would eat Chinese (shrimp lo mein) and my grandfather would get those BBQ ribs from the Chinese place. But that was about it, they thought tacos were strange and given the choice my grandfather would just love some fried chicken. I love to think back to how life must have seemed to them, not even technology they lived through but simple things like ethnic foods and the huge variety.


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