i organized

So I got and iphone. The one where you can ask Siri to do things for you. I have never had a cool phone, I was always behind in the times and I was ok with that. I am type a all around. I have always had a planner, maybe since junior high, even. People recognize me and make comments about my details and lists and organization. It’s almost embarrassing, because I don’t like people seeing my notes, I like to make notes about everything so that I can remember things.

So when I got the iphone, I was hesitant. My last e-organizer was a palm pilot and it crashed a few times and I vowed to use paper from there on out. But then there is the icloud. All my stuff hangs out in there, so I am loving this phone. I check things off my to do list and I feel accomplished. I can keep things to do, contacts, calendars- everything all in one. I can be online and check my email. I truly love it. I just feel really productive but also like a weight off my shoulder, I don’t know why, but I feel like I am more free to relax and be me, maybe because it’s not a bulky planner, maybe because I don’t look like an anal dork if I am checking my phone, I just don’t know, but I feel happier and more relaxed.


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