So I’ve been watching the Olympics and all those PG commercials thanking mom and the GE commercial with the preemies made me tear up. Moms are the first coaches for many of the athletes, moms are the ones waking them up, signing them up for lessons, driving them around. Moms are the ones to talk to after a game or a new move does not go as plans, moms are the ones to celebrate with when hard work pays off. I take my kids to lessons and they probably will never be Olympians, but I love taking them to practice and lessons, I love watching them participate. I love being a mom, I think all moms get teary eyed when you see those commercials or when you see the parents of the Olympians watching them. It makes you think of how fast kids grow and how much it means to be a mom, man I’m getting teary eyed just thinking of it…


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