Today I am thankful- I am a grownup

Most days I hate being a grown-up. Grown ups have to get up early, cook, clean and pick up after everyone. We have to pay mortgages and keep appointments and schedules, we don’t laugh or smile or play as much as kids do. Most of the time grown up is just work and not too much fun. But today I am thankful I am the grownup. I went out for a really nice dinner, with my husband and some friends. We laughed, we ate awesome food and we sat on a porch in the middle of nowhere and watched a summer storm-lightning and the smell of rain- awesome. Then we were going to go for a drink after, but instead we came home, my sitter could not stay late. We came home and my kids were still awake, they were laughing, my baby girl told me I looked pretty in  my dress. We got them ready for bed and they were laughing and being goofy and it just melted my heart. I got to tuck them in, kiss them and giggle with them. I am the grown up, I am the mama and I get to come home to these amazing little people who make me happy, yep today I am thankful to be the grown up.


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