Church- on duty or there for the sermon

What is that saying 80% of the church activities are done by 20% of the congregation? Anyone who is active in their church can attest to that. It’s the same people who volunteer and do what needs to be done, over and over. It’s rare to see a fresh face. People get burnt out that way. I know. Last year I was on 7 committees at church, my husband starting saying that him and the kids never saw me because I was always at meetings, which was true. Most of them, were not my calling and I didn’t feel God putting me there,but I couldn’t say no when someone asked. I finally prayed about it and felt the urge to resign from 3 of them, and it was so liberating to do so. The chair person on each was completely understanding. My ministry and my heart are childrens ministries. I don’t feel called to landscaping or outreach. I will certainly donate items when the outreach asks for help, but I didn’t feel in my heart that I was needed on that committee. The sermon is another thing. I am on the list for 4 various helper roles in assisting with the services. Some Sunday’s I am at two services and Sunday School. Some Sunday’s I am literally just running from job to job to  job. I don’t feel inspired, I don’t feel like I am connecting with God, it doesn’t seem to come from my heart. I spend so much time focusing on what part I need to help with in the service, that I don’t listen to the sermon, I can’t concentrate, I can’t feel the stirring in my soul. I love going to church, I love Sunday School, I love helping but sometimes it’s too much, it made such a difference for me to finally say no to some things. To not take on too much, to choose where I felt God was calling me and placing me. I think being present at the service and being able to focus only on the pastor’s sermon, is so very important.


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