new annoying pet peeves

Ok so I have a few pet peeves been driving me crazy:

-Double sinks. Why do people have to have double sinks in the bathroom? Why is that a deal breaker on House Hunters? My husband and I do not have double sinks and even when we both left for work at the same time, we never needed them. Really 2 people can not brush their teeth a few minutes apart and just have one sink? I also think double sinks look sooooo stupid.

-Random pics. Oh man my husband is bad at this, especially since he got his iphone, we will be somewhere and a cool car will drive by or an airplane will be flying or any random thing and if he thinks it’s cool he takes a picture, even if it has nothing to do with us. We went to a historical re-enactment of an early settlers village, the villagers had a parade and don’t you know it, he took a ton of pictures of that! My pictures are people- our kids, us, family, friends, people having fun at cool locations, but not random people or objects that 30 years from now we will be like oh that open field was that Iowa, or England or Maine. Oh look a bus, wow remind me again why we have a picture of a bus.

-Stupid toilet paper on the roll references. Is top right or wrong? Really do people get hung up about toilet paper rolls? Who cares, pull it and use it. I truly didn’t even know there was a way and still can’t really think of which way I hang them. There’s internet “postcards” about it, there’s cartoons on Facebook- do people really think about it that much?


Off my chest now I feel better already, what drives you crazy???


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