Pottery Barn

Ok, so I got my stack of pottery barn catalogs yesterday.The ones where you can sit for hours and imagine yourself in that amazing room,with antique  photography elements scattered about, you can imagine that you are doing amazing things that people with rooms like that do. I always think I am lying there planning something fun for the evening like Jordan Baker and Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby on that hot summer day in the city.

Yes I can flip through and look at the full rooms of thousand dollar chairs and mirrors and wonder how in America this catalog has been something anyone can get, I mean considering most people don’t buy their furniture from Pottery Barn- or do they?  I look at the kids rooms and think wow if I had a nice beach house, nothing too ostentatious,you know but big enough to have 3 single beds for the grandsons all spread out apart,how nice would it be if I could do a nautical theme, that’s not tacky is it? Nautical theme at the beach house, is that like band tee at the concert?

I love pottery barn and so wish I could buy lots and lots of it. But like most of the blogs I read, the best I can do is an inspired by pottery barn theme at my house, where I use my fraction of a cost items, to kind of make it look like that.

I was so excited that I was to inherit my grandmothers pottery barn soup bowls- can you imagine, I was going to have some real pottery barn in the house, it was like hitting the lottery.

As I was flipping through the kids catalog, I was so excited,because lo and behold there were my kids names on sample bookbags, and towels, and nice linen bins. Holy cow, if I can’t buy it, I might as well name my kids names that Pottery Barn approves upon. Hey maybe they could do a baby name book, Pottery Barn approved names- I can see it now. They can sell it at the check out lines at the grocery stores and Walmart and Target. There will be whole generations of kids name Chloe and Lou, or whatever the new Pottery Barn name is. But while I was gloating on about this, I noticed my nephews name is that of drapery in the main catalog- uh uh, where does that put your kid in life, if his name has become Pottery Barn drapery. I said a silent prayer that I didn’t make that choice, can you imagine drapery, and then I was flipping through the catalog and saw one of my kids named as a bed frame- WHAT??? come on Pottery Barn, it was cute in the kids catalog, it looked nice on beach towels and chair bags to put Valentines into and now, I go to the father catalog and my kid is a bed  frame????

I love their stuff, I love their presentation, I love the pictures. But most of it is out of my price range, but it cracks me up because I keep hearing about these Pottery Barn only bridal and baby registries, which makes me laugh, because growing up the only people who would have been dropping $5000 on a couch was the Carrington’s, he was an oil tycoon. Now it seems the average “newlyweds” can live like the Carrington’s and then choose really cool names for the kids from the Pottery Barn.

So there’s my pottery barn rant…..


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