it’s vertigo again

So all my head spinning from early this summer, actually most of the summer wasn’t all my meds. It was vertigo. For the second time in my life I’ve had vertigo. This time the ENT explained to me that just like a cold when you catch the germs in your mouth or nose, you can catch a “virus” in your ear which causes the infection. So it wasn’t swimmers ear gone wild. It was crazy though, I hate the dizziness and finally in the last week it’s been gone, but it has been months. He gave me a pill to help with the dizziness but said it had to work it’s course. But that doesn’t let the Wellbutrin off the hook 100%, so appharently it can mess up your hormones a bit and mess up your cycle, again something that they don’t claim, but if you read enough postings online you will see a definate pattern. That was good to know, because it’s scary you wonder now what is wrong or going wrong with me. But I feel 97% better than I did months ago, way more energy. I’m not a morning person per say but I can at least get up and be awake in the morning now.


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