I’m filling out paperwork to talk my youngest to the endocronologist, and it asks for questions about your family health history and I sit here filling it out for my dads side, my in laws sides and I draw a blank for my mother. I know absolutely nothing about my mom, except she’s short, she likes penny machines at the casino and she used to collect pigs until her husband (who I can not stand) told her she had enough. My mom is grumpy, short tempered and judgemental. She doesn’t talk to people unless she has too and she’s not a warm loving creature like moms should be. She takes care of her and she takes care of her father and that’s that. When I was little I remember her being nice and we would play, she dressed me nicely and she used to make me these little drawings of a cat family and tell me stories about them. I used to spend Sundays shopping with her and visiting my aunt when I was in junior high. Then somewhere along the way she changed. She is so uptight, and she doesn’t talk. None of her sisters are like that. And her loser husband has alienated her from her family because he also does not talk. He came over with her the other day and he sat on the porch did not even come in. I can’t tell if he’s controlling or what his deal is, all I can tell is that I don’t like him. He’s nice enough to the kids, but she has become just like him. She’s judgemental and not nice to others and doesn’t talk.
I am very much like my grandmother who raised me, both in the good and the bad ways. She had a temper and held grudges and that’s me. If you crossed her once you were done and that’s also me, but she was so kind and just wanted to care and help other people. She talked and she was nice to other people.
I get so bothered by my mothers actions and the way she carries herself. It’s embarrassing, like when she was at one of my kids soccer games and she just stands there, while my oldest friend and her family try to make conversation. I know it’s not my problem, but it’s weird and I also hope people don’t think of it as a reflection of me. I told my husband just don’t answer the phone when they call. I don’t care if they don’t come over. It’s cruel and I am not one to advocate not talking to your own family but they are so weird it’s more trouble than it’s worth sometimes.


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