I just made lunch for my daughter and myself. I don’t often make lunch, it’s usually leftovers, something frozen or something canned,sandwiches or I go grab something. But today in an attempt to be more frugal and more healthy I decided to make lunch. As we sat there eating and talking (she got all embarrassed when I asked her who she was going to marry) I realized growing up, my grandmother made me 3 meals a day. At least in the early years. In the morning she made eggs and usually pork roll or spam (yes that nasty stuff spam), at lunch she made us sandwiches or soup, or cream of chicken on toast, and in the summer she made fresh orangeade on top. Then she would make dinner, but it would be at like 4pm, that’s something I don’t do in my house. Dinner is 6 or 6:30 when we don’t have sports and 5 ish when we do.
She babysat up to 3 kids at a time and I lived there. She provided lunch as part of her package for watching the kids. I used to love having friends to play with since I was still an only child then. When my own kids went to her house when I was at work, she made them breakfast and sometimes lunch, but by then my grandfather was retired and he loved my kids so much, he would go get fries or go to mcdonalds or dunkin donuts or where ever the kids wanted food from.
I know there are many many moms out there who do this-make 3 meals a day and some even from scratch and I give you so much credit. It makes eating really special I think when you take the time to make it and to enjoy it. Fast food and take out, just gets gobbled down and not enjoyed. There are so many things ladies did back in the day-cleaning the whole house spotlessly, hanging laundry,entertaining kids without playgroups and tons of organized sports,making clothes, making costumes. I used to think I was so glad for the way our lives and our technology (& I love love love my iphone) but there is something to be said for the processes our mothers and grandmothers went through to “keep” home. I am so thankful for all the ladies who came before me to get me to the place I am today and I think I might make lunch more often!


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