What I know- reading

Reading is a constant in my life. Always has been, assuming it always will be. My daughters teacher told me the other day she can tell we are readers by the way my little girl holds a book. I’ve read to my kids since they were babies. My oldest now reads by himself, but I still like to read to him sometimes. I never read to them in the womb, that was always a little freaky to me, just like when my husband decided we would play Beethoven to my son when he was still in the womb, that was all just a little weird for me.
Books have been my stepping stones, my out, my way to places I would not have otherwise gone. Books were there when my parents didn’t show up and books were there when I felt out of place in a school where most people lived with their parents or even a parent- not their grandparents. Books helped me to live in a regular family with a white picket fence. They led me to siblings and neighborhoods- nothing like in my life. I never put books down, I’d read in the car, read at the grocery store, read at the table, read when we went out to eat- everywhere. Characters were my friends and I felt like I really knew Anne and Laura- two of my favs to this day. I kept reading all the time. My grandfather used to read a few newspapers a day and my grandmother liked to read. When I got to know my dad, I see he too devours books like candy. My kids have lots and lots of books. I don’t have many. I don’t like clutter, so I get books from the library or give them away as soon as I am done, so other people can enjoy them as much as I did. If there is one lasting gift I can give my kids, I hope it’s the gift or reading and loving to read. I know that reading took me places and made me the person I am today.


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