Call the Midwife

I’m watching the new PBS British show Call the Midwife and won’t you know it there’s a preemie. And there I am tearing up thinking about it, thinking about the women before me who had preemies before the advances we have now. I’m watching it and thinking about how my father in law was born in the Eastend in the late forties and thinking about what life was like back then in London. Thinking how much things have changed. The preemies mom fights to keep him with her instead of the hospital and there he stays. The father mentions seeing a baby once in an isolette and saying the baby seemed so lonely. The midwife comments that babies this small would not have made it in years past. And I know there are places in this world and here where preemies don’t make it and moms don’t make it and that makes me really sad.

There were no wires or scans to see what else could be wrong with the baby, their was not constant specialists and follow up care. There was not measuring the babies food in ml. at every feeding. There were not special tiny preemie clothes and preemie diapers. I can’t even imagine how scary it was to have a preemie in any other time than where we are now, even preemies from the 70’s had a really different experience than my own. How thankful am I for the doctors, nurses and technology.

I am so excited for this series because it’s combining a few of my favorite topics- Britain, history and woman’s health & birth. I am sitting there thinking about how these woman are giving birth without drugs in their beds. Most of them have many kids already running around the house. You know there is no rest and not recovery period for these moms. I am so grateful and in awe of every generation of women who came before me and what they had to endure to have a baby. Amazing, it is love. Love of a baby and a family and love.


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