I choose happy. Some days I just wish I could hit instant rewind. I mess up, I worry, I waste time doing nothing. I wallow in self pity and never see it going anywhere. So the other day I decided it’s a choice. I can be miserable or I can be happy and I want to choose happy. These are my goals:
-make an effort to live the best life I can; I know thank you Oprah
-get my priorities in order
-don’t look back
-don’t dwell on the past and missed things
-don’t get so caught up in doing it all and doing it perfectly

I really thought about this and I want to get there. I want to pick happy. Now I know each day is not a bowl of sugar, but I don’t have to let things bother me or get me down. I need to realize most things in life that I worry about or that stress me out, never come to happen.

This realization made me feel and think clearer. But it’s one thing to feel and really want to be happy, to just enjoy the moment the second the period in time, but can I apply it to my life each day. I am a fairly moody person and I can also be selfish and hard to get along with. I like things my way and when I write it all out I sound awful, but I am also very giving and put others before myself. I like to think I am have a big heart and I like to make other people happy and make people laugh and smile.

I choose happy. I am just going to remind myself every time I start to feel grumpy or sad or jealous or left out or unappreciated. I choose happy. And hopefully it will work and I won’t spend the next part of my life worrying in vain.


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