Why? Let them choose

Why do you make your kids go to Sunday School each week? Why don’t you let them choose when they are old enough? These are questions I hear a lot. Here are my reasons:
-We go to Sunday School and church services because I made a promise at their baptisms to do this for them. No one ever did this for me until I was 12 years old and by then I couldn’t stand to be in confirmation class.
– I refuse to let me children decide when they are old enough if they want to attend church. How will they know what they are choosing or not choosing if they have never been? What child is going to one day say out of the blue, we should go to church if they never have. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but I would rather they go and then ask questions- what doesn’t make sense? what confuses you? To open discussion.

I really want my kids to have faith in God. I want them to have faith in love and community, in human kind, in friends, in change, in compassion,in prayer and in making a difference. Life is not easy in this world and to give my children exposure to faith and worship and a loving church family is one of the blessings of being a mama.


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