Too Much

I am at the point where I am overwhelmed with stuff and choices. I have decided that in order to save more time for reading, I am not going to watch much tv. A few PBS shows each week that I DVR so I can watch them when I want to. I used to have a bunch of shows I DVR’ed each night, but I got tired of going into a tv induced fog each night. For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to pare back on my emails of blog feeds that I get, so I changed some to just things I like on Facebook, which gives me like two seconds to glance instead of a whole email to read. I also took a look at my twitter and pinterest. I have so many recipes and crafts pined, so many printed out, that I know I will never ever be able to do them all. I like to follow feeds and pin things on decorating, parenting and crafting, but all this time for my social media has taken me time from me. Crazy, right? I just feel there are only so many hours in a day and I want to be reading things that inspire me or that I like to look at. I want to be doing things that I want to do and for me, that’s reading and blogging. Like many moms my me time is late at night when the kids are in bed and the husband is in bed and it’s quiet and that’s just not fair, because then I pay in the morning when I am sleepy. It’s a cycle I am tired of. I want to do things differently and focus on the things that make me happy, not necessarily the things that waste time. Yes I love pinning on pinterest, but it’s not exactly productive time now is it?

The other thing I’ve been doing is cleaning. Wow, our house has become a magnet for stuff. I’m talking toys, books, dvds,clothes, Legos, games, lotions, candles, junk food- you name it we’ve got way too much of it. I’ve been inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s Happier at Home, her first book The Happiness Project, was really good and this book is awesome too.
I’ve realized my kids only play with a few things and if they are overwhelmed with toys of course they won’t play with them and will be bored and bug each other. So I packed some bags for friends, my nephew, a neighbor and the Salvation Army and off some of our lesser used toys went. That felt really good. I also went through books and this time in addition to all those people and places, some went to the library. I went through all of my toiletries and lotions and bath gels and gave some away to my aunt. I sorted some kitchen gadgets and gave them away also. If my house is less cluttered and by cluttered I mean too much stuff, I do have a place for everything, being organized and all, well anyway if the house is cluttered my mind is cluttered. I decided to do one in and one out for items, so we don’t get bogged down again. I also decided to think about things that we don’t need for 10 days before buying. I’m not buying my kids cheap little dollar toys in the grocery store, no matter how much they ask. We will continue to get almost all our books from the library and I’m not going to keep buying so much food, that we end up with way too much, which I end up sharing with my aunt and father.

We live in excess. Too many choices and items and things and I want to change that for myself and my family. I want to simplify, so we can enjoy moments and each other and not feel so overwhelmed all the time and I think we are off to a good start. I for one am loving all the time I have to read and blog, since I’ve cut some other non-essential distractions.

Is anyone else simplifying? Why? Do you also feel overwhelmed with stuff?


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