Motherhood is about changing me…not my children. This was on the blog

Wow I did not expect to read this and it smacked me right upside the head. Isn’t this the truth. I have been raising my kids thinking I needed to be the one to change them, to mold them to how I want them to be. But really since the moment I found out I was pregnant I was being changed. I have grown to be more patient, I have grown to slow down, to notice the small things, to think of them and their needs and wants before my own.

I need to remember that I am a different person now that I am a mother. I have changed and grew and I am still doing so.

Every day I think about something in a different manner or I read something new and I think, yes that would work wouldn’t it.

I find myself having a heart and sensitivity, I tear up on shows about NICU’s or preemies, I tear up and get angry when I read stories of child abuse and neglect, I tear up watching Masterpiece classic Upstairs Downstairs where they are bringing in refugee children from Nazi Germany and can not imagine having to make the sacrifice to send my child away to save them,.

I bend and make a few things if that’s what it takes to make my kids eat. I hold hands, I rock them, I give them allergy meds and benedryll. I think about how my parents treated me and I do things differently.

I think motherhood makes you soft, but in a good way. It makes your heart tender.


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