snap snap

My parents never owned a camera. They both don’t to this day. My mothers husband does but not my parents. Luckily my aunt was a camera junkie or there might not be any records of my childhood. Who doesn’t want pictures? I think that’s weird, but then again so are my parents. I was little when I got my 110 cameras like all kids of the 80’s. I would snap pics of my friends and I and that continued all through high school and college. I’ve never been really artistic in my pictures, I just love photos and memories. I love how now I can take a picture on instagram or facebook and share it with all the people I love in like 2 seconds flat. I love pictures of my family and kids all over the house. I love to look through my life and their lives on film. I love to scrapbook.

I stopped being in the pictures when the kids were born. I never lost the baby weight and probably gained even more. So I took the pictures. When my son was a few months old we went to the shore, I had no idea how awful I looked until we got those pictures back and that was the end of that, no more pictures for me. Now my friends will try to get shots of me when we are out or on vacation, but I’m good about hiding and ducking. I wonder sometimes if my kids will be pissed that they don’t have pictures of me as they will remember me, which I cherish those pictures of my grandmother, that I have. But I don’t really care. I hate how I look, I am out of shape and it’s not good for me or them. But today my four year old was playing with her Nintendo DS and she showed me pictures she takes of me when I am driving and so does my son. They sit in the back and sneak pictures of me, so they can look over them and smile and laugh because they caught mommy and they love me. Wow. I don’t know what to say or think. Don’t know at all. She was so proud of her mommy pics, I had to smile, what else can you do. They will have memories of me when they are older and they will be times of laughing and having fun and doing cool things and it will warm their hearts and if they are like me, they will think of my face and my love, but not my body, not my clothes. These are the way I store the memories of my grandmother, her love, not her weight not her clothes. We are so blessed to live in a time when we can capture our history- love it.


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