I’ve created a monster…

I love to read, actually I live around reading when I can. Give me a good book and I will not put it down. I’ll stay up late, I’ll finish a book in a few hours, I can read in the car. My amazon list and library request list are insane, in junior high I read the most books out of the whole school two years in a row. Yep, I am a reader. As a mom without any me time, I find myself up late at night, reading. I am reading until 2am and then suffering the next day, but that’s my time. My only quiet time and my husband says every night, I wish you’d go to bed earlier, you’d feel so much better, as if. He is clearly not a reader. Well I’ve created a little reading monster. I’ve been reading to both of my kids from when they were babies. Sometimes they pick the books, other times I pick the books and we have nightly family read time. My son has been reading his own chapter books now, several levels ahead of his class. Right now he’s hooked on the Wimpy kid series and he’s read through them all in two weeks. Most nights we send him to bed at 8 and when I go upstairs a few hours later, he’s hiding in his bed with the blankets tight in his fists and his head underneath pretending to be sleeping and really he’s reading. I try to get him to sleep, but I’m a reader, I know how it is. Only one more page and another and another and so far he hasn’t been too bad in the morning when he wakes up for school. I am so happy and I love to share reading time with my kids, I absolutely love it.


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