Get up and move, move I tell ya

So we don’t have couches right now. We ordered new furniture and my husband got the delivery date wrong, but being the type a person I am, had already disposed of the old couches. We don’t even have a spare in the playroom/family room downstairs, we did have one but the cats tore it up. We have a futon in our dressing room, but that’s too awkward to drag downstairs. So we have had dining room chairs to sit on for the past 4 days. But I was mad at first and a little irratated, but you know what, it’s helped me out a lot. First I like to sit at night and snack, not tons, but something and you know what- when there’s not a comfy spot to sit, well I’m not snacking.
I only watch 2 PBS shows a week and my kids watch way more tv than I want and I am actively cutting back on that, but without couches no one was watching much tv.
I had a ton of reading that I wanted to get too, and no couches freed my time up so I could go to bed early and actually read and then go to sleep at a reasonable time.
No couches meant instead of mopping around this morning, I jumped into my cleaning and was completed before lunch.
No couches meant my dog & I went out on this nice fall day and walked 2 miles.
And best of all no couches means I have not been sitting around with my netbook reading blogs all day and night. I am sitting at my husbands desk and it has the most uncomfortable chair ever, so I’m on and off the computer as fast as I can be.
The new couches are meant to come tomorrow, but I kind of like what it has shown me. I have gotten into a lazy, unhealthy habit of living life online on the couch and it’s not good. I need to go offline more and read more and get outside more and be here more. Thank you no couches, it really does take something drastic sometimes to shake up habits.


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