“You are my greatest adventure, and I almost missed it,” he says to his children- this is from the movie The Incredibles

I was reading this line on a blog the other day. This quote is from the dad. My kids like this one, I am partial to Meet the Robinson’s, but that’s another blog post. I love how sometimes we are sitting off listening and half watching when the kids are watching movies and all of a sudden something draws us there- like this line. How many times do you sit and go online, read a book, read a magazine, do any other thing then be present when your kids are watching a movie. And how many times do your kids say hey watch this or this is so cool and you just pretend you saw it? I mean that’s me, and I’m sure it’s some others as well. There are always moments in these cartoon movies or lines, that makes you realize these are for parents too, that’s too deep for a kid to understand. And here is one such line. You are my greatest adventure and I almost missed it. I have been trying very hard to be a present parent. I must admit pretend play and video games are not my thing. I sit where my kids are playing, but I am doing my own thing. And many times, they try to bring me into the game or the conversation and as much as I hate to admit, most times I say I’m busy, let me just read this one last page, I’m sending an email, etc. To them it must seem like mommy is busy with important things and I am not important. And I feel really bad about that. Here is my biggest adventure and most days I am missing it. I am doing laundry, driving, planning, picking up, helping at school, cleaning, sorting, putting away, cooking, packing and all those other things moms do. We do them because we love our families, but also so that our lives are not constant chaos. But while I am doing those things, I am missing the adventure. I am missing my kids making memories because many times it’s just another thing on my to do list. I have been actively trying to change. I have been playing more and reading more and talking more and just watching more. I am trying to stop and take it all in. I am not adventurous, but any means, but this is an adventure I need to be part of and want to be part of, there is nothing more thrilling, unknown, exciting, challenging or heart wrenching that I will do in this life. Motherhood is an adventure.


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