I am getting old, or at least I feel like I am. I keep finding myself feeling like time is flying and hoping I will have all these memories and hoping I am making the most of my time here.
I am finally starting to be comfortable (in my late 30’s at that!),with the fact that I am me. I am the only me that was made. Sure I might have some traits of my family and sure I have some similar tastes as my friends,but I am unique. I have a set of gifts that were given just to me. I am accepting, that my gift is comforting people and teaching children at Sunday School and VBS. That doesn’t mean I am any less important than someone who was gifted with medical skills, or financial skills. It doesn’t mean, I need to volunteer to help greet people at my kids school if that makes me uncomfortable, they also need people to shelve library books and that’s perfect for me. You know what your gifts and talents are because they feel right, and they come easy. I am also very gifted at organizing things, yes some people might think I’m overly-organized, but it’s just second nature to me. I have been gifted with motherhood, and love my kids, but I am not one of those natural mothers who loves to babysit other kids, that’s just not my thing.
I have spent so many years trying to be someone else. Someone who fits in because its just easier, someone who tries to please everyone, because that makes me more comfortable, I hate tension. I have volunteered to do things or taken on jobs I didn’t want because I felt like I had to, and they don’t come easy when it’s not your gift. I have spent so much time trying to be perfect and there is no such thing as perfect.
I am finally starting to be comfortable with me. If I am honest to myself things will work out in the end. There’s no need to be pleasing others all the time. I can turn down invites, because I want to stay home and hang with the fam, I can turn down committees, because I need to focus my efforts on my talents. I am not perfect, I am me and that’s the best I can be. It makes life less stressful. I just wish it didn’t take so long.


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