let down

So yesterday I got into a small no damage car bump with a person who goes to my church, in the parking lot. I don’t know this person, but we have mutual acquaintances. There was a small mark, which could have been a dirt splash since there were plenty of them on the car. In fact it took her almost 20 mins and she couldn’t find anything, and neither could I and I apologized, because it was just an accident, something stupid that just happened. But instead of realizing there were no scratches, dents, bangs, missing parts she kept looking and looking and finally thought she found something. I gave her all my info and she said I will let my husband see this and let you know. Well nothing, she never called or anything, instead she just filed a claim and I found out via email. I was mad on so many levels- this was nothing, there was nothing wrong with the car, and this is why insurance rates are so high, because people do stuff like this, and then I was upset because this was not negligence, it was just a mistake, plain and simple, no one is perfect. I was also upset because I thought here is a Christian from my church and she couldn’t even just treat me as such. She couldn’t just see that for some reason my mistake was not damage causing. She couldn’t be forgiving. My husband laughed at me and said I was naive, I was moved to tears because I couldn’t believe she couldn’t just handle this in a kind way. He laughed and said people aren’t like that. Why? I was taught to do unto others, I would have let this go, it was not a big deal. I can’t understand how someone could be so unconcerned with the consequences of making a claim and how it would effect my rates and why she couldn’t have just let it go. She insisted there was something wrong, she was so uptight. I’ve had things happen to me, where people bump me, someone bumped right into my husband and didn’t even say sorry, even though she saw him sitting there in the car, but there was no damage so he didn’t care. I’ve said that to people too whose doors hit mine, or who parked too close, no big deal silly mistakes happen if nothings broken and no ones hurt who cares. Why do some people go through life not thinking about others feelings? Why are people so determined to get the upper hand? It hurts me to think people are like that. It hurts me because I don’t blame or get even or kick up unless there is a justifiable reason, sometimes stuff happens and if it’s no big deal let it go. Give someone the benefit of the doubt, think about how it effects the other person. And in my own church of all places, when did people stop caring about other people?


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