Daily Prompt Lonely

Daily Prompt.

When was the last time you felt lonely? Wow, there is so much energy and activity in my home, lonely is not something I feel often here. But I do feel lonely when the kids are in school, when I am driving in my car, when I feel left out, when I make a different choice. I wish I was more confident and could say I am pleased by the choices I make, but I’m not and sometimes I do feel lonely. I feel lonely when I am homesick for a place I miss more than anything and want to go back to but can’t just yet. I feel lonely when I miss my grandparents and want to talk to them so much. The other week I was driving home as the sun set, it was so pretty. The hills against the horizon, all sorts of reds, oranges and pinks. I wanted to say goodbye to my grandmother so badly. I never had that, death doesn’t give you a chance it just happens. That sunset made me sad, it was so beautiful but yet it made me lonely, it made me regret not saying goodbye, it made me regret not picking up the phone earlier in the night for the first time ever, it made me regret being tired and overwhelmed. It made me miss her something terrible and I felt lonely. That was the loneliest I felt in a long time. Lonely is not always bad, but it hurts so deep sometimes.


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