Preemie- More than just a size

November is Prematurity Awareness Month, where the March of Dimes, brings this issue into the spotlight. I am the mom of a preemie who is now four. Prior to having a preemie, I knew nothing of pre-mature babies, I didn’t know how much the March of Dimes does, and I didn’t know how many families premature babies happen to. Preemies are not always from poor pre-natal care, preemies can happen to any pregnancy. 

Giving birth to my preemie and the years that have followed have been some of the most challenging ever. Some preemies are just born early and leave the NICU and they do fine. Some of very sick and may not ever go home. Some leave the NICU and will have serious illness their whole lives. Some leave the NICU and while not being overly sick, still have some medical issues, that’s the case for us. Everyone is different, every story is different, but they all have the common bond, a baby too small to hold, a baby who is hooked up to machines and tubes, a baby that spends time in the NICU, a place that nothing will ever brace you for. So this month take some time to learn about the March of Dimes, take some time to learn about premature birth and if you are a preemie parent and your child is old enough, tell them the story of when they were born, my child loves to hear the story of how she was such a special baby and how it was such a blessing filled day, the day she finally came home. 

I will be writing several times this month about preemies, in honor of prematurity awareness month. 


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