hey 14 year old me, you know what while I am thinking about it,keep those notebooks you share back and forth with your best friend, maybe not all of them but some of them, they are you and they capture you and your feelings at that part of your life. 14 is the cusp. You are not a kid, but you are not an adult. 14 you are the top of the school, in junior high. You have confidence about that. Pay more mind to your grades, your friends and not being so harsh to your family. They seem intrusive but they mean well and they will support you always. Your grades will get you everywhere. School is easy now but it will get more difficult. Boys are not as important as you think. You shouldn’t look for attention and affection from boys. You don’t need a boyfriend and you don’t need to be the first one in your group to have a boyfriend. You need to get your confidence from yourself and your friends. Your heart will be broken and you need to learn to deal with rejection. Someday you will have an amazing relationship with your dad, he will stop drinking and he’ll be funny and you will laugh and he will be the most amazing dad you could imagine. Some day you won’t have your grandparents so make and keep them memories, they are the most important people in your life. Believe it or not in the future (how crazy does that sound) you will have a mini computer that you carry around and it’s part of your phone. You won’t just have one computer at home but four. You won’t need to vcr shows, you will be able to tape one show and watch another, but that’s just the older me, pulling some back to the future shiz! Anyway 14, is time for you to try to be independent but don’t grow up too fast. Enjoy it all. Don’t be scared. Help more at church. Do things that scare you, but in a good way, that way you won’t be so freaked out to travel and fly. One day you will meet the greatest guy and he is your soul mate, so don’t worry about the rest. Next year you are going to meet your 2 best friends that 20 years from now you will all still be friends, they will grow to be more like sisters and less like friends. Just be happy and it will all fall into place.


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