Over doing it preemie style

I was so happy that my first was not my preemie, I would have been even more of a mess. We all know how first babies are, you are so worried and so careful and have so many questions, I can’t imagine for a preemie parent what that is like, having a preemie and it’s your first.
As a preemie parent I have been known to over-analyze everything. I was obsessed with milestones until she was almost a year and I finally realized she met them at her intended due date, not her actual birth date. I also overcompensate,I feel bad about her premature birth, feel bad because I came home and she stayed there for a few weeks, feel bad because she has endured so many tests in her young life, so I sometimes, let her get away with stuff that she could be scolded for.
I always sit waiting for the next ball to drop, because as I’m discovering you might think your home free, but some issues of being born too soon, reappear when you least expect. Right now, we are dealing with endocronology issues, something I would not have known about it if I didn’t discuss sensitivity issues with the pediatrician. We are lucky because our ped has had preemies herself and has a child with a hearing loss, so she rules it all out, before assuming it’s nothing and that has helped us tremendously.
I read a study that said preemie parents are more likely to keep close tabs and stronger curfews on their preemie children their whole lives versus their full term children. You get in a habit. You feel ultra-protective about a preemie. I am finally getting used to the fact that she has come so far and I just need to live and be happy and take it day by day. Who knows what the future will bring, I can only hope she will be healthy, but that’s what any parent hopes for. And she is already starting to tell me to not worry so much, to leave school as soon as I drop her off, that she’s so big now, trying to test her independence from me. This month is national prematurity awareness month, check out the March of Dimes for more preemie info. http://www.marchofdimes.com


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