What change would I like my blog to have on the world…

I used to blog for fun, something to do. Then I wanted to record memories and family history for my kids. But then my blog changed and I decided in addition to a place for me to write, I wanted to bring awareness to pre-eclampsia and pre-mature babies and life for parents of preemies. My experience was more mild than most NICU experiences, but I still felt lonely,confused, scared, angry and hopeless many days. I figure if I blog a few times a month about preemies, NICU’s, or pre-eclampsia and that maybe one mom would see it, that would be enough. I scoured the internet when my preemie was born, for anything to learn more, to calm myself, to not feel like I was all alone in this world and I didn’t find anything. I hope some of my posts might bring comfort even for a minute to someone who is struggling.


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