So we are doing this whole eat down the pantry plan, which basically means, I need to actually use what I have in the freezer and pantry before buying more. So tonight, I made sauteed scallops in lemon sauce, cheesy broccoli rice, fresh salad and cauliflower with cheese sauce. Nothing complicated, most of my food comes from a box, not from scratch. I also made blueberry muffins this afternoon when I was bored. Well don’t you know the husband is sick ( I asked before I made the scallops if he was up to them) and the children who were not even required to eat scallops, poked at their rice and their veggies. Now mind you, it tasted well. But not for these lot, no way. So there I am scraping some rice and cauliflower into the dogs dish and they are saying mama, dinner was so good, I really liked it. Please, don’t tell me you liked dinner, you didn’t eat it and not because you weren’t hungry, but because you just didn’t want actual food. They want cereal and waffles and stuff like that, and I am done playing that game. And each night we have family dinner at the table, even with sports lessons and homework, we sit down and eat.
The real me wanted to say while loading the dishwasher, don’t patronize me, I had a career, I used to eat dinner while working after work, I had a purpose, people complimented me. But because I love you and I want to give you memories and comfort I stay at home and make dinner and clean your rooms and bake muffins,so don’t tell me with false enthusiasm how my dinner was good. But of course I didn’t say that.
And don’t get me started on how the older one doesn’t eat and now the younger one wants to be like that.
I think in parenting class they should warn you of the struggles and frustration of dinner time.


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