what is too much

Holy cow, my cup it runneth over. So my pantry is full, my cabinet for snacks is full, my freezer is full, now what? I should just buy more, right? Especially if it’s on sale. Well yes that would be really stupid but that is usually what I do. I feel like we will run out and never get it again. I have no idea why. My grandparents raised me but didn’t live in the Great Depression, they weren’t as big of food hoarder as I am. I used to live on an island where things were touch and go of whether you’d see something twice in the store, but it was me and my husband and we didn’t eat at home all that much. I just don’t know why I do this. There are 3 all night grocery stores within 5 minutes of my house, so if I truly ran out I could get more.
But we trying to save money this year so I vowed to start using my stockpile of foods to cook with in order to save money and also in general buying foods to make more meals at home. So far so good, but we are 10 days into the year, right?
I am not an extreme couponer, I mean I like a good deal, but not like that. I am not a doomsday prepper, please when it was turning 2000 I was at a party drinking champagne, complete world chaos fartherest thing from my mind. I guess I just see stuff and think wow, that would be good, we will eat that. Or I plan out some dinners and something comes up and that food gets shoved to the back of the freezer, or I get lazy and don’t feel like cooking. Who knows. But this year I am starting out different and I feel good about it. I even stopped my self from buying three 12 packs of snacks for my son for school, I only bought 2- hey it’s a start!


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