Today I am thankful for….zoning out tv

I hurt my foot, over a month ago, the foot doctor said it was nothing, but it’s swollen and so uncomfortable. So until Tuesday when I go again to see him, I am trying to relax and rest and ice it. So last night, when I was done work early and today when I didn’t work at all, I’ve been zoning out in front of the tv. Last night I watched American Nanny (hated it), Monsters inside me & Infestation. Today I watched Double D Divas and The Will. I am hooked into The Will, I have lost myself. The only way for me to sit still and take time for me is to get lost in tv. Last year I gave up most of my tv viewing so I could read more, which just translated into me reading more on Facebook. I know, awful. But since I suffer from over-worrying about everything, I’ve been really trying to not focus on that and to not get caught up, so mindless tv has been really helping me accomplish that goal. So like it or not, I’ve been escaping into tv.


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