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You can do anything but not everything David Allen

I have this quote saved in my quotes file. I collect quotes. I keep them for me to read and to make me think, and I also collect them for books I am making for my kids when they go 18.
So this one spoke to me and when I wrote it down, I didn’t know who David Allen was, I just liked the way he thought. Well I don’t believe in coincedence, so I’m not surprised to open my quotes and see this one, because I just read about him in this months Mental Floss magazine, I also added his book Getting Things Done, the Art of Stress Free Productivity on my list of books to read from the library. I feel like back in my corporate days, I would have devoured his advice, but I think it will still be useful in my everyday mom life too.

I am also drawn to this, because I have daily to do lists with around 50 things on them. Now mind you I don’t personally have 50 things to do each day, but I have lots of reminders, and I also have one of those never ending to do lists, where things carry from day to day.
There are a few things I personally need to do each day to feel accomplished, I clean down my emails- read and reply, read and file, read and act on later, whatever works, I just clean my in box. I also get my daily to do list to zero, something about it reminding me as a thing to do in the red (on iphone reminders) does not sit well with me.
So I’ve been learning, I can do anything, but I can’t do everything. No one can do everything and I am finding it easier to let go and relax and do stuff other than worry and think of things I can add to my list in order to control stuff.

I am also being drawn to meditation. I wish I could. I have tried and tried. Right now, I am just hoping for some quiet time each day. I hate having to get up early and let the dog out, but then if I come back in and hang out on the sofa and relax in the darkness before anyone else is awake.
Laughing and enjoying life makes me a better person and a better mama.

So this week I want to continue to build on being a relaxed me and being a relaxed mama. Taking a breath before reacting and thinking about something before making a purchase.
This week I want to love on my kids, have patience, snuggle with my husband and try to remember who I am and what I want and what my gifts are.
What’s on your weekly plans?


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