pinching pennies…sort of

So this month I decided that I wanted to be a better spender/saver/debt payer. I told my husband that I would be cooking 95% of meals at home, we are the kind of people who don’t feel like cooking and even though we have a freezer of food, just go out to eat, because we are kind of lazy. I decided I wanted to really think about things before I bought them. I saw a suggestion about writing things down when you want to buy them and then waiting a month to see if you still want them. 14 days in, I feel like my husband is the less stringent this time then me. He broke a pan yesterday and instead of using what we have we went out and bought a bunch of new pans. He also suggested it was ok to buy some other things we didn’t really need, which kind of put me down in my excitement for trying to be a better spender this year, but I know I can’t let it get me way down, or I will just give up.
So some things I have been doing are to write down every thing I spend money on and I am going to compare it to a few months ago when I did this, to see if I learned anything or improved. I am also trying to use up what is in the freezer and pantry. I also decided that if I want something that I can pin to pinterest it kind of takes the edge of having to have it. Yeah my boards fill up, but not my house and my wallet doesn’t empty.
It’s challenging having to curb myself, but it makes sense. I keep thinking I want vacations, school for my kids, and a hopefully nice comfortable life as I age, so I need to do this. But it’s hard, it’s hard when you see and read about books and things online that I want. It’s hard when I want a new jacket or something for my kids. But I guess that’s called self control and I need to learn that!


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