Martin Luther King Jr. Day

I am a mooshy person. I get teary eyed thinking about days like today and how they came to be. I was sitting in a very large eating establishment this morning, and there were people of all colors and nations all walking around and grabbing food and enjoying breakfast in the same areas, under the same roof. There were tables where every person was a different ethnicity, all sitting together, maybe friends, maybe from church, maybe family and in the hustle and bustle of grabbing pancakes and eggs, I sat there and thought holy cow we’ve come along way. In my own parents life time there was segregation. Now granted we’ve always lived up north, but this was happening in our country when my parents were younger. Black folks were being told you can sit here, eat here, ride here, go to school here and so on, because you are black. Nothing more. And people went along with that reasoning year after year, treating our fellow children of God like they were less than us. People harassed them and killed them and called them names, destroyed homes and business and churches. White people killed children all the while doing this, because they didn’t want equality. Then along comes Dr King, and he has a different message, a different approach and people start to notice. College kids from the north go down south to help our fellow human beings get the rights they deserve. Dr. King says “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”. He’s asking that one day his kids are not judged based on race, but on who they are inside and how they act. This was his American dream. That humbles me. He wanted equality for his kids, no big house, or fancy car, or power or fame, he wanted his kids to be accepted.
My family was open to any and all people. When I was in kindergarten my best friend lived down the street with his grandmother and mom (both white), his dad was black. I don’t remember ever thinking about that, but some people did and some people didn’t like that, and he didn’t come back to our school the next year, that was my first experience with racism. I remember asking my mom for him and her saying something about some people aren’t kind and they were not nice to him about his skin color or something. Nothing in depth though and I am sure I was puzzled. All through elementary school I was always the kid who would talk or play with anyone. In high school I dated someone from a different race. As a grown up I met one of my best friends who is black and we are as thick as thieves, and it humbles me to think in Dr. King’s day I would have had some big trouble for all of these actions. And I can’t help but ask why? I know there are still racist a**holes out there today, look at the Treyvon Martin case, or something I read recently about this white kids down south somewhere who would go out and find and beat up homeless black people because they were bored. WTF? Seriously? And how can anyone raise a child up to think that is ok? In this day and age where we know the in’s and out’s and answers to nearly everything, we have DNA and genetics and all that stuff, and people still think they are better than others.It is ignorance and lack of education, plain as can be, and it makes me so mad. I hate to think about racism being passed down through families and people just being that content in their bubble and never wanting to break out and be open to new ideas and people. I really think you need to meet people who are so different from you and ask each other questions and get to know each other and see there is nothing to be afraid of, but sadly so many people still don’t do that and don’t allow their kids to do that. And it’s not just white and black, it’s religion it’s other races, it’s sexuality,it just hurts me so, but we have come a very long way. And I for one am so thankful for Dr King and for God making us all different, because that’s what makes life great, we are the human race and we are all beautiful and important and needed in our own right.


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