people make their beds #1

I’m organized but I am not a super cleaner. Does that make sense? I don’t live like a hoarder but I don’t have a perfect house like you see so much on blogs. My strength is organization (or micromanaging, depending on what you want to call it). My big confession that people are shocked by is I never make the bed, any bed, not even the kids beds. I might straighten their beds each day, when I was the sheets I make their beds, when I was my sheets I let my husband make the bed. He goes to work early so I’m still in bed when he leaves. He loves being on vacation because he can finally make the bed, I think that may be one of his favorite things to do on vacation. My grandmother made my bed every day, but you could also eat off any of her floors, with all my pets and 2 kids, you probably would not want to eat off my floors. But in my mind, you make the bed then you sleep in the bed and it starts all over, like the laundry, but I have to do that or we don’t have clean clothes to wear! It’s just not something that makes me happy or that I feel is necessary and it actually has never bothered me. That’s my first tip on how to be organized.

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