I love Duck Dynasty

I have a new favorite tv show- Duck Dynasty. I love it. I watched it awhile back when it started for a bit, and then just kind of stopped, this year like Amish Mafia, I got sucked into a marathon and that was it for me. A few weeks after watching it, I realized I was blessed to be at a speaking arrangement at a church a few years back where Phil Robertson was the speaker. The show reminds me of Run’s House, because at the end they have that little point, about life and I love that. It just makes you realize all families are very similar we all have that odd relative and we are just trying to love and support each other and get by.
Here are my 10 favorite things about Duck Dynasty:
1. Uncle Si. Oh my my, he makes me laugh until it hurts sometimes. I would love to have him as my slightly odd uncle
2. Miss Kay. I love a mama who keeps her family together and who still smothers her grown bearded sons with love.
3.They live in Louisana, a place so different from where I live. But I love to hear those accents.
4. Willie has great parenting ideals. He was all concerned about what his daughter was wearing to a dance. I also love the relationship he has with his wife. They are a really cool family to watch.
5.They are so different from anything else on tv these days, it cracked me up when they went to the coffee shop and Jace said what he really thought, they don’t conform.
6.They get into some really crazy things.
7.The husbands respect their mama and their wives
8.They are really into being in nature, it’s refreshing to see a show where they are not all caught up in the latest greatest thing, they take me back to traditions and respect.
9.The commentary at the end and the family dinner scene I love that. That just makes me wish I had a big close knit family. I also wish I had some sister in laws I could pal around with
10. Uncle Si again!


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