Baptism a beautiful place to be

My mountain top moment has been at the baptism of both of my children. I never knew I could feel that close or that overcome with love and God’s care as I did watching my babies have water poured onto their foreheads.
For me baptism is something that my family has always done. They may not have been the most active church goers, but there was baptism. There was giving the baby to be welcomed into the family of God.
At our church when the parents present the baby for baptism, we agree to bring our children to church, to teach them our faith, to teach them the Lord’s Prayer and the Creeds. We agree to give them the roots and the tools they need to go out and be the people God meant for them to be.
There is just something simple and beautiful about a baptism ceremony.
My family is not close knit and I am very envious of tight families and I always have been. But my husband and I have been given the chance to create and grow our family. I love to tell my kids about when they were baptized and we remember the date each year with a little cupcake and we light their baptismal candles.I want this beautiful moment in time to be something I can share with future generations of my family.


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