Clean up PLEASE

I am having a hard time at this point in my parenting, with messes. Now I know kids are all messy but mine are beyond that. We have Legos everywhere, Barbie clothes, game pieces, puzzles, Baseball and Basketball and Football cards, crayons, an odd arrangement of scrap paper and so much more. I have tried cleaning it while they sleep, organizing it myself, providing baskets and drawers for all of it. On top of their rooms they have a playroom and that’s horrendous too. At least once a week I find myself hollering and threatening to throw it all out, to bag it up and give it away- all sorts of threats. My husband gets upset about it, but not as bothered as me. I grew up in a very clean, orderly house and I had to keep my stuff nice. My punishment was probably a spanking if I didn’t clean up, but as far as I remember I always cleaned up. It is so frustrating because I don’t believe in raising my kids like that, so what’s a mom to do? Yelling doesn’t work, threatening doesn’t work, cleaning while they sleep doesn’t work. Any suggestions, because as an overly organized person, this is so hard for me to deal with.


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