they know

I am so guilty of being the distracted parent-maybe I’m making dinner, maybe I’m playing Candy Crush,maybe I’m watching Storage Wars, maybe I’m tired or just trying to catch a moment for my thoughts, but I am so guilty of sitting there saying uh huh, yep, that looks cool. And I don’t think anything of it. Young children always want your attention and my youngest is very needy for attention, she’s jealous of her brother and if he does something she needs to try to top it. But as an adult I hate that if I am talking to my husband and I know he’s distracted and doing something else and not paying any attention to anything I am saying. So why do I do it? Why as parents are we so”busy” that we can’t stop and enjoy all the stuff our kids are enjoying? Why can’t I see and get so excited about things in life like they do? I guess I always think oh they just want a verbal response they don’t know that I am not paying attention. But they do, my daughter called me out, she said something like no look, or your not looking at this. Wow. I felt stupid. I felt like the worst mama. Come on I am so busy and distracted that I can’t stop and pay attention for a few minutes to my kids? That really hit home, so I decided I will be attentive and I will stop and have a discussion it’s usually only a few minutes they are asking for and they are usually so excited to share whatever it is and I don’t want to be the rude mama.


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