Top 10 equality

Facebook has gone red in support of marriage equality. These are my top 10 reasons why I am for it:
1. Jesus told us to love our neighbor as ourselves, he didn’t say only your straight neighbors, of your race and who practice your religion
2.I got to choose my spouse and I think everyone should have that opportunity.
3.I have yet to meet someone who I don’t like based solely on their sexual orientation- a douche is a douche; doesn’t matter what sexuality they choose
4.I don’t want to raise my kids in a world having to explain yet another version of hatred. I tell them don’t judge, don’t bully but yet as grown ups here we are doing the same thing
5.I have gay loved ones who deserve this much.
6.I am a Republican, I am a Lutheran and I am a Mother- we aren’t all judgemental
7.As a mother if my child was gay (my kids are young yet not declaring their sexual orientation), I would want the same rights for them as other people want for their kids
8.We are at a very open minded time in our history in my opinion, so why not now
9.I think as a nation if people stopped harping on stopping this or outlawing this, we could concentrate on debt, and education
10.I’m at the age when all of my friends who are legally married have done so, so this would open up a whole mess of potential weddings I could go to and who doesn’t love a wedding


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