3 things

This morning my son let a full glass of chocolate milk sail across the living room floor, onto my rug, on my tv cabinet and luckily just missing my new sofas. His body got all nervous and I could tell he was waiting for me to freak out and yell. I’m a yeller, and I’m not proud, but I can be a loud, ongoing yeller. I’ve curbed myself from yelling insults because I get so upset. I grew up in a home of yelling and being mean about the person you were yelling at, bringing them down and saying mean hurtful things. I read an article or actual two articles about yelling at your kids and it was eye opening. Since then I’ve tried to stop, I’d say maybe 95% better, I take a deep breath, and I count to three and I remember they are young and they are not purposely doing big messy things, accidents happen. So today, as chocolate milk went flying and my son got all tense, waiting for me to yell, I calmly grabbed the paper towels, asked him to grab a trash bag and I cleaned it up and he was super helpful and he relaxed and was at ease. It was awesome. I don’t have to yell like I was yelled at, yelling doesn’t help and I don’t like being yelled at.
I’m also trying to work on saying because I said so, without an explanation. I don’t ever do this with my older child, but my pre-schooler is a challenge and I do find myself saying that. I feel like when I say that it’s more of a frustration or control thing and I’m trying to do away with that.
The last thing I am working on is buying things. We have so much stuff and I’m trying hard to not just buy for the kids and I’m trying to also bring them up to be good consumers, we talk about buying things, and saving money and the need for the toys they ask for and if they think they will be fun to play with or if it just looks really cool. I’m trying. These are three items, I didn’t want to own up to in parenting and I’m trying so hard to resolve myself from them.


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