the mom who regretted her kids

The other day there was this article trending on Yahoo about some mom who was interviewed and regretted having her kids. She never wanted kids but her husband did and now that they are grown she told a reporter and it was in the paper. People were obviously all over the place with comments. I wasn’t sure what to think about it. I think she didn’t want kids, but I think she might have emphasized that a bit much in the article, well maybe for a high response. She took care of her kids and I think she loved them. But left lots of the hands on stuff to her husband. I don’t want to write about her feelings or thoughts or regrets, because I am not her and I don’t know what her life is like. I can relate to not planning on having kids because I was never one to proclaim my desire for kids growing up. I wanted to work and make a career. But things happen and life changes and I love my kids and I wouldn’t change this life for anything. What struck me was this mom talking about how she missed her quiet time, she missed her time to herself and she was so excited when the kids and her husband did sports or went somewhere, or just gave her me time. Now I thought it was weird she would just go off and nap or something so she wasn’t hanging out with the family, but I was totally with her on missing her time to herself. That is one thing I miss greatly. I love to read and I love to sit and read for hours when a book pulls me in, but like all moms know, that doesn’t happen and when it does its late into the night and I’m exhausted the next day. I like quiet and I like to think and gather my thoughts, and I don’t get that some days, and that’s frustrating. I think many times we moms are supposed to give that all up, quiet time and hobbies and moments alone, just to meet our kids needs. I think people think if you still knit or go to the movies, or paint or write, that you are being selfish. You should use all your free time to be with your kids or you should not crave some quiet time to yourself. I love my family but I also love some time for me and I love it when that time does not happen to fall between 10:00pm and 3:00am. Just some food for thought, moms need time to still do what made them happy before they became moms, otherwise mama’s not going to be happy.


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