Curse you Perry or something like that

I wish the worst thing I ever said was curse you Perry the Platypus, but my tongue has spewed way worse than that. I have a tendency to curse more than I should and it’s embarrassing and I feel like I have the education of a seventh grader and I want to change. So today I decided on the no curse week. Well that lasted a few hours until I got behind a really bad driver who almost caused me to hit something and that was out the window. But the good thing about stuff like this, is I can try again next week. But I am aware and I’m catching myself, which is a start.
This morning started off like a normal morning, I advised my 8 year old to brush his teeth before leaving for school,he went upstairs told me he did and that was that. After he left I was upstairs and noticed his toothbrush was bone dry. I was peeved. He had $800 worth of cavities filled last year- the kid had 8 cavities in teeth that will fall out. So when he came home I confronted him, told him I don’t like lying, and he said ok, I forgot, which was a total lie on top of a lie. So I finally just said no you did not forget, you went upstairs, were too lazy to do it and decided to lie to me thinking I would not know any better, well I did and it’s gross. I get worried about these little white convenience lies. How do I know they won’t turn into bigger lies? I try to be a reasonable person and I want my kids to know we can talk about things and I’ll listen without making instant judgement, but I can’t take lies. I’m sure I lied as a kid and I know I lied as a teen, but I think I knew it wasn’t right, and I try very hard not to lie now, not even little white lies, because I think lies get you in trouble, even small ones. But it is hard to be honest when asked to help on another committee or when asked to go somewhere or do something that you don’t 100% want to do, but the truth is the easiest way to go in my opinion, maybe not the most comfortable way but the easiest way, because little lies become big lies and before you know it, it’s out of control crazy, and you are deemed an unreliable source.
So this week, I’m trying to not let anything bad come out of my mouth- words or lies and I’m trying to be a good example for the kids. As always I’m trying to not worry and not stay up half the night thinking about what if and what I forgot and what I need to do, but if I can solve that problem, then I think I’ll be in good shape, since there’s more of us in that boat than are not.
So take a breath and let it go and carry on with this week, because before I know it, Sunday will be here and then it’s more Call the Midwife and Mr. Selfridge- some weeks PBS keeps me going. What about you?


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