Project Life Thoughts

I decided to do Project Life this year. I like scrapbooking and it looked easy and fun and so I asked for it for Christmas. I needed a binder, sleeves and the box of note cards- for just less than $100, I got my kit. I tried to just buy a $7 binder since it said the sleeves fit most 12 inch binders, but the sheets were too long, so I had to buy the $29 one on Amazon. My plan was to work on it weekly, like all the blogs say, well that didn’t seem like it would work and I don’t work outside of the home, it would be way too time consuming. I do take a lot of pictures, so that wasn’t the problem. So I decided once a month I would upload a bunch of pictures, order them and then do a monthly project life. I’ve been doing it and it is still a lot of work. 

Now I am new at this, but one thing that bothers me is the sleeves are made for long pictures or at least the ones I have. So I’m cropping and fitting and thinking about that when I’m taking pictures. 

But overall it looks cool. It looks neat and it’s a nice way to scrapbook, without having to design pages and fill it with embellishments. It’s also a nice way to be able to journal and remember the memories while they are fresh and not months from now.

It’s certainly not a project you can do frugally, but scrapbooking is usually not a frugal hobby.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the year and watching as my album forms and grows, but it is something I don’t think I will be doing again next year and not something I could ever see myself doing weekly.


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