mama things I want to remember

– Don’t be so uptight. When they spill something grab some paper towels and just breath; that’s what they make them for
-don’t ever compare your kid to another kid on the team or in the class, your kid is uniquely yours and so are their gifts
-if your child begs to jump in puddles, just let her. The pure glow on her face will be worth it and will carry memories for years to come
-take the kids on walks, bike rides and get them water ice- these are the little things kids remember when they are raising their own kids
-fill your house with books and read to your kids. Books are my weakness and now I’m passing that on to my kids
-sometimes just stop and give hugs and cuddles- my youngest is not in school yet and I take hug breaks throughout the day
-buy those cheap freezy pops, or else the kids will take your Edy’s frozen fruit bars and share them with the neighborhood
-volunteer; show them how to serve others
-be nice to people at stores and restaraunts, there is nothing worse than seeing a rude person when you are out and about
-ignite a sense of wonder and travel- ask questions, where do you want to go, what puzzles you? You’ll learn a lot about them this way
-keep a notebook on some of the things that they do throughout the year that make your proud or make you laugh, the years fly by and your won’t remember it all
-let them have fun, life does not always have to be serious
-as soon as they see an iphone they will ask to use it, doesn’t matter if it’s at a party at someones house. And they will continue to do this even after they have DS and tablets. There’s something about minecraft that creates a Pavlovian response in kids
-they will lose balls and toys in the neighbors yards, you will always be going to 5 and below to buy more balls
-watch their shows- nothing cracks me up like Good Luck Charlie and Phineas and Ferb
-Keep reminders to do homework and practice and read each day, it makes life easier
-your kids can have their own rooms and playrooms, but their toys will still end up in your living room- don’t get so worked up, it’s just because they love to hang out with you

Life is passing me by so fast and I love these kiddos more than anything else in the world. It’s taken my several years to shake a sliver of my type A off, and become this kind of mama.


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